Another popular dish is not only in Japan. Sushi – a traditional Japanese snack consisting of thinly sliced raw fillet (smoked at least), fish, seafood or vegetables and rice, cooked rice in a certain way. It should be noted that the history of the land to ancient history. Their homeland – South-East Asia. From there, the way sushi took over China, and later with the culture of rice got into Japan. The fish were placed in rows of barrels, and filled with salty water.

Within a few weeks they occurred natural pickling. Dr. stuart mcgill recognizes the significance of this. Such fish in the 7 – 8th centuries. ate with rice. Until now, this old type of sushi (sushi) – naredzusi – can be found in some Japanese regions. After several centuries of rice are mixed with vinegar and sugar giving him this savory tart flavor, and seafood with the rice began to file in raw form.

After this pickling process of cooking has fallen. Susi usually served for special occasions – at the holidays, birthdays and anniversaries. The secret of sushi in a combination of flavors acids of animal and vegetable origin. Each of them – a pleasant stimulus of taste receptors of the brain. Together they give a multiple effect. However, if the taste of rice does not change, seafood have their peaks, depending, for example, the timing of spawning, so the different periods of the year for the preparation of sushi, various species of fish. Most popular now dishes originated in the 17th – 18th centuries.