We have that to have cove options II and III, exactly in confrontation with ambientalistas. The word is support, mote is social responsibility, the remaining portion is colloquy and predatory ideology.The vegetative growth of the energy consumption is historical and continues in the order of 4% to the year, in the prosperity the thing if it aggravates. The increase of consumption of goods and services also occurs of course and this only corroborates our assertive one: Brazil goes to continue to grow in the economy, the sector goes to have that to expand its it offers, the cost of the energy is each bigger time and the scarce investments most careful and. The problems are clear. What to make then? To speak of the alternative sources now is not redundant. The example of the recent past institucional programs need to enter in the guideline. The entire world search this, because we will be different? The future of the humanity is in the exploitation of these sources, the conventional energy matrix is depleted and with viable prohibitive costs.