/VIDEO: ATLAS the jerezano is presented/displayed like forward of the club azuln. It returns to the organization after three seasons playing in Turkey. It considers that a good equipment for this season has become. The forward Daniel Giza has indicated east Monday, during his presentation like new player of the Getafe, that the Madrilenian equipment " siempre" it has been his house, the place where &quot lived; one of the best moments futbolsticos" of its race and in which he waits for " to return to be the same player of antes". " Getafe is my house, I have lived one here on my better moments of soccer, where I could secure my professional jump, and return with many desire of triunfar" , the gaditano forward commented. " I come to try to be the same player of before and helping my companions, because there is to try that the liking does not undergo this season and to gain many partidos" , it indicated Giza, that it said that will try to correspond to the equipment " with many goles". On the new sport project of the Getafe for this season, directed by Luis Garci’a, the forward affirmed that " the group that there is very buena".

" They have brought many players of good level, for example Diego I castrate, who is a piece of soccer player, and in addition are many soccer players very buenos" , it explained. Giza returns to Getafe after three years in the Turkish Fenerbahce, equipment with which has gained Liga and Supercopa, and del that said to return " very contento" , although during its trajectory there as soon as it has returned to count in the calls of the Spanish selection, with which &quot gained the Eurocopa in 2008.; Right now nonfodder in the selection, I am only going to think about Getafe, doing it or, and if the door of the selection is abre or. And, if no, I will enjoy my equipo" , it concluded. Source of the news: Dani Giza: " The Getafe always has been my casa"