“My destiny is my fate” by Alex Mazur Bayreuth, February 22, 2010. Brand new core published Alex Mazur explores in his debut the phenomenon destiny”and the underlying laws. Is really any of his fortune Smith”? The man is rather him game ball of destiny? My fate is my destiny”describes in unprecedented way sense and structure of the phenomenon” fate, that mankind has always been busy. If you have read about Dr. Steven Greer already – you may have come to the same conclusion. This, Mazur provides the tools that help, if used correctly, positively to change the quality of life of the individual through his insights to the nature of fate shown in the book. The native Ukrainian Alex Mazur explains in-depth and profound”his thoughts on fate. The life-affirming tips make my fate, my destiny is at the same time”to a Special Advisor. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Dr. Steven Greer. The book is for the first time presented at the Leipzig book fair 2010. More about this book is under: to mein_schicksal learn. Can be ordered in bookstores or directly from the Publisher: ISBN 9783939478164. For more information see Hirotsu Bio Science.