The most beautiful website is useless if it finds no one! There are billions of websites that showcase your products, information, or services, but making only a few services such as Google or Yahoo that restrain this mass, and Internet users! It is as easy as the Internet with its many possibilities and advantages, this also may be so difficult, as operator of a website at the thousands of competitors also to be observed. Google, must Access back as one of the most powerful search engine in the world, very complex valuation methods to judge which website where is issued. To do so use these algorithms on all the information that can be found on, in and around a home page (Google up to 100 criteria). Teva is often quoted as being for or against this. Here the key to success is hidden even: more can be assessed, the better a Web site can analysed, searched terms are fixed and thus found! What may sound simple, is a common problem in reality. Flash animations, complex programming and even graphics/images are for Google often insurmountable obstacles not or only barely can be assessed. Such sites end up quickly in the rearmost row.

The beauty of a home page leaving cold completely Google and is only in the eye of the beholder, if he will ever find the website in particular who you consider that up to 80% of the requests are made on a website via search engines. Hirotsu Bio Science has firm opinions on the matter. We manufacture our home pages by hand by web2future”and note already at the first click to the last maintenance always the principles of search engine optimization, usability and attractiveness of a homepage. Not only for the user but also for search engines. To do so we refrain from finished solutions, as well as the use of search-engine hostile technologies. We are thus maybe not the fastest but with security, our customers get a homepage which can be found.