When his wife asked Messing: 'How can you live with someone who reads your thoughts? – She said – I have no bad thoughts. " One of the favorite topics for discussion among people who are prone to believe in the various 'Otherworldly' our influence on each other, is the theme of 'evil eye' or 'evil eye'. As ominous as it sounds, how many are taking a variety of fortune-tellers for the removal of the evil eye, how many different takes and instructions on how to prevent evil eye there? I am sure that not a single person to whom a child would not hang 'pins' to keep my child from this scourge. But let's try to figure out what it is 'evil eye' or 'evil eye' how it affects our lives and how we can protect myself? 'Evil Eye' – it's when a man thinks ill of one another. Because our thoughts, our desires – it forces a power that are all around us. Not true whether, if you have someone watching, you feel it? In the early stages of human development we have had more opportunities to experience it.

And if we are not hardened so much of our lives today, we would could feel so many different forces, energies, intentions, thoughts, and desires of other relatively themselves and the world at large. And probably we would have been much worse – we could feel a negative field around you! After each generation of humanity is becoming more selfish in their desires and intentions. So learn the thoughts of others, probably – not for the faint-hearted! But on the other hand, maybe it would force us to start something do. After all, feel the disease – the first step to recovery. And in this case 'disease' – it's negative thoughts towards each other. And that we, in general, and reduced our lives to such an insignificant existence, and all to realize that we need to change their attitude towards each other. We stand today before the condition of nature, begin to change yourself.

What will be, will be, but begin to change themselves. Start with a good, good thoughts for their loved ones okruzhayuschihtebya and people. This is the best and the only possible protection from the evil eye – a good attitude to people that you neytralizuesh any evil eye, any negative energy. If we think positively friend other, we actually create a positive reality. Then between us will improve all communication, social, political, economic. Improve the climate. And we will not have to be afraid of global warming and other natural disasters. Because it is our negative attitude to each other we detrimental effect on all layers of nature, causing irreversible changes that can be done in the end, our unique planet is not suitable for life. Let's wish each other prosperity and love, and let this be a good a good habit for all of us. Alexander Gimpel How to avoid the evil eye?