It improves the relationship between the human resource with the address. Reduces costs by increasing productivity. In addition, reminds us Arturo Guillermo Clery, that to achieve the improvement of the quality must go through a process, in order to achieve unprecedented performance levels. The steps of this process can be summarized as follows: 1. prove the need for improvement. 2 Identify specific improvement projects.

3. Organizing for the conduction of the projects. 4. Prepare for the diagnosis or discovery of the causes. 5.

Diagnose the causes. 6. Provide solutions. 7 Test solution It is effective under operating conditions. 8 Provide a control system to keep the livestock definitely, be present what brings Mauricio Lefcovich, to every manager and employee should feel proud of the products and services that generates, so the quality becomes a strong motivational element, which gives rise to a spiral of growth in the levels of quality and satisfaction.The quality must understand every corner of the company. If it is not generated internal quality, bad quality appropriate to external agents can offer. Therefore the quality is built and generates in each activity, task and process of the company.Each design, each component, every task, every product, every service, every day should be improved. To achieve this, leaders must modeling his mind and then do the same with that of the rest of the staff. Organizations that identify with the importance that the quality is manifested total in pro of its development, service, gives way to a new organizational culture, which will generate benefits, results that they foster and enable them to become involved in all those competitive scenarios.