Your kid is a regular guest at the local clinic, and the district pediatrician happens to you more than your relatives. A week in the garden – a month in hospital. Perhaps you are familiar with this situation? How to make, so that the baby would not ill, a local pediatrician had forgotten the way to your house, but you would not be sitting at the hospital, to the delight of your boss? Health does not appear suddenly, from the latest pills and had drunk no immunity is strengthened from syrup and yogurt. Health should be protected, preserved and strengthened. Market medicinal products is increasing day by day about what, new miracle drugs, the number of pharmacies is growing, as people get more and more. Most of the drugs removed only the symptoms of disease, disease itself chasing away the body – it's a known fact and many have different drug contraindications. Many doctors treat a disease so that after this treatment the person has the bouquet other ills. Even worse with the children's medications.

The doctor often prescribes such drugs, which according to the instructions, do not fit on the child's age. Of drugs designed to cure the disease but not in improve health. The best defense – attack! This truth applies to health. Easier to prevent than cure its questionable drugs. Yes, disease prevention, increasing immunity of the child requires daily time-consuming. But it is time to return with a vengeance when you forget what is ailing, cranky baby and a week spent with a thermometer. To improve the immunity to use well-known methods: hardening, exercise, natural products, gifts of nature in the form of medicinal herbs and plants. Our ancestors were different from us better health, thanks to the above listed methods.

They felt better than us relationship with nature, a better understanding of ourselves and the world around them. Need to forget about the almighty tablets and begin to improve the health of their children. To effectively impact on the body to properly complex and constantly apply the above-described methods. Take good care of their children's health, and it will thank you for it. A comprehensive methodology developed by improvement of children at home and raise children's immunity here Cheers!