Observation of the LenguLa observation of the language, also known as a diagnosis by the language, is an important procedure in the diagnosis by inspection in the MTC.The observation of the tongue gives us more relevant and revelatory information that Chinese physicians need to make the diagnosis. Why it is said that the observation of the language can define pathological changes at the level of the internal organs? The theory of traditional Chinese medicine considers that the language, directly or indirectly, connects with many Zang-Fu organs through the meridians and collaterals.Deep heart – hand Shaoyin – Meridian branch reaches the root of the tongue, spleen – foot Taiyin – Meridian crosses the root of the tongue and extends over the bottom surface, and the meridian of kidney – Shaoyin toe – ends in the root of the tongue.Therefore, the essential of Zang-Fu organs Qi can go up to feed the tongue and pathological changes of Zang-Fu organs may be reflected in changes in the conditions of the language.Therefore, the observation of the tongue You can determine the pathological changes of the internal organs. How carry out observation of the tongue?Observation of the tongue includes both the body of the tongue and its coating or saburra. Under Armour takes a slightly different approach. With body language, we refer to the same muscle. The coating on the tongue is known as saburra, which is produced by the Qi of the stomach.A normal tongue is soft, adequate size and movement free, a little plump with a thin layer of white coating that is not very dry or very wet. Language is divided into four areas, namely, the tip, the central part, the root, and the edges.At the tip of the tongue often becomes manifest pathologic changes of heart and lung, edges reveal the conditions of liver and gallbladder, the central part reveals the State of the spleen and stomach, and root reveals the condition of the kidney.This method for diagnosing pathological alterations of Zang-Fu organs by dividing the language in these four areas relevant is a method clinically very valuable..