The Asturian one assures that it is very easy to say that the pilots are ' paquetes'. It will leave from the fourth position of the grill in Monaco. It remembers that in the exit of this Great Prize " not adelantar&quot can;. The bichampion of the world of Formula 1, Fernando Alonso, remembered that the pilots of their discipline gamble the life in each race, after a classification of the Great Prize of Monaco marked by the serious accident of Mexican Sergio Perez. " It is easy from the house armchair to say that we are bad or ' paquetes' , but this demonstrates that sometimes we gambled vida" , the pilot of Ferrari said, that finished quarter in the classification. " Normally he does not pass anything, luckyly the safety measures have improved much. But today we have seen that this &quot is a risk sport; , Alonso added. Perez, newcomer east year in Formula 1, lost the control of their Sauber in the exit of the tunnel, reason why she hit a lateral barrier and its car slid without control until it ran into with another fence of protection.

In the same place the German Nico Rosberg injured itself in the last session of training, who left unharmed. The Mexican, of 21 years, was transferred in ambulance to the hospital. According to he assured the equipment, the pilot is " conscious and hablando". The fourth place in the grill is the best classification of Alonso in this season, even with which it obtained the past week in Spain. There it sallied spectacular with which it was put first in before of the first curve. " Here it is impossible to advance to anybody in the exit. If we remained already in the fourth position he would be bien" , it noticed the Spanish. As well, it added that " the game in the Q3 has gone different from all the others; even so it is the best classification of the year, we are contentments with the car and hopefully we raise podio" , it assured the Asturian one, that every time more is seen about reach Red Bull. Source of the news: Alonso, after the accident of Sergio Perez: " This demonstrates that we gambled vida"