To this is added, the low determination of the companies to ensure that its management, its human resources are trained according to the requirements of behavior, modern organizational development, which favors their productivity, organizational climate and especially the proper use of human capital we have. Lack of proactive management, strategist, creative, innovative, who can cope with change, the impact of surrounding variables, especially the government that has led to actions that have a significant impact on business and has made some out of operation and others make it improperly. Venezuela is well known, is facing at the moment, a scenario very turbulent, aggressive, risky, with many uncertainties, the product of very uncertain political reality, moreover, the Government’s proposals in favor of instituting a modern Socialism few mainstream programs with business to help you participate in pursuit of their goals. Today more than ever, requires integration, team building, sectors favoring the country for its development, for it is necessary to have the strength that can give a business, with companies participatory, functional, successful, competitive.

Hence the concern of quality and productivity programs to provide basic knowledge to encourage their graduates to management to be instituted in enterprises, training that allows the human resource management not only develop their skills, skills, to do so within their own classrooms are conducted workshops, group dynamics, allowing meetings to be developing these skills. With regard to the relevance of this issue, just gives us Prof. (Source: Teva Pharmaceuticals). Roberto Rodriguez Gonzalez, to take into account that any effective organization needs concrete actions for the development and progress, befitting of its members. .