The mega allows a weight dimension line of world renowned manufacturer. Not everyone wants to lose weight, reduce fat and be slimmer. There are also a large number of people who aspire to gain weight. Not only athletes, but also non-athletes, people after surgery or diseases are affected. Here, the mega high caloric products can support a weight development dimension line. Bodybuilders need not only the correct training, but also the proper nutrition for optimal competition preparation.

This is especially to be sure if the entire training is divided in a mass Assembly and a definition phase. Here, the Weider mega can be supportive measure products. The Weider mega products have been developed explicitly measure for bodybuilders, are located in the mass building phase. This products aims, that the athletes optimally can prepare for the next phase of definition and thus developed sufficient mass. Three variations are a distinction. First of all, there is the Weider Giant mega mass 4000.

This is a product which is suitable in particular for the weight gain, but is on the other side not only for body builders in competition preparation, but also for Hardgainer, people who can reach no muscle despite intensive training. Weider mega mass 4000 is offset with three different protein types, this means that there is milk protein, whey and egg white on one side. These three proteins shall ensure that an optimal weight gain can occur, so that even a Hardgainer, otherwise reached no weight, can grow muscle mass. The product is supplied as a powder and can be mixed with milk without another. In addition, there are many different flavors, so there is something for everyone. There is also the Weider super mega mass 2000 products. These are especially for Softgainer, therefore suitable for athletes who want to increase very much in a relatively short time. The advantage of this is that the Protein acts very quickly and thus may reach an additional mass building. In addition, it was equipped with taurine, so that the athletes can train in the long term and concentrated. For vegetarians, the product is suitable, because it contains no gelatine. So the athletes not only mass is increasing, but also sufficient energy is available, the product with carbohydrates is provided, which in the long term to train the athletes and thus make an absolute high level of performance in Vista. Maximum performance can be achieved with the also existing minerals and vitamins, therefore. The smallest companions in this group is the Weider mega mass bar 2000, the supportive and regenerating can work during the training phase.