After presenting some years ago the infor – me on the Crisis of the security road world at the fiftieth meeting of the Organization of the born – nes United, finally adopted recent-mind in another instance, the resolution set up the Ibero-American Road Safety Association by 22 countries. The persistence of the Spanish Government before the General Ibero-American Secretariat for such purposes, attracted a special interest in several Nations for the purpose of presenting the topic within the framework of the eighteenth Summit of Presidents in El Salvador, constituting a success.While the training process not yet finished, course that begins to awaken some political will to deal with the problem at the regional level. This deliberate concern will be fundamental thematic axis in the proposal to be submitted by the end of next February in Madrid.Tenemos which sort the information and indicators for good decision-making before starting the process of integration of the various sectors socia – them in the promotion of the road safety or to both situations elapse at the same time.The statistical tables of accidents on roads and streets are already linked to the expenses of health, environment, fuel, energy, crime, etc. Therefore, their impact on economies constitutes a focal point for the development of society, that victim is seen by the road tragedies.The Dominican Republic has to understand the importance of what is happening at the international level. And what is in the basics is simultaneously create political awareness to social consciousness. It will be a lost effort.Each country has a reality of its own, but in general sense matching points be determined to develop effective programs and campaigns.

I mean for example, while in Argentina the pedestrian is most vulnerable routes user, according to the information of the 2007; Dominican Republic is the motorcyclist. So that the order of importance in this vulnerability inverted.Some Nations are moving vertigi-nosamente in road safety, so much so that us, clip back, we try to promote the great Latin American project in its first phase, the lower the accident rate. The Nordic countries of Europe, and others, already speak of ambitious objectives or implementation of the objective Vision 0. So, yes we are falling behind.