The growing concern of the health professionals before the progressive estrangement of the Mediterranean diet, has brought with it a trend truly comfortable and innovative healthy menus at home., project promoted by graduates in human nutrition and dietetics member of the Spanish Association of dieticians nutritionist, offers its users a comprehensive system that includes:-Customizing the weekly menu from home, with a letter from more than 50 dishes to choose and being guided at all times by the system, which in turn follows the guidelines marked by the dietitian to always get a menu elaborated on the pillars of the Mediterranean diet. -Weekly diet at home, presented in trays individual they are regenerated with 4 minutes of microwave, all of them are made from all-natural ingredients, cooked with olive oil and free of preservatives. -Seven nutritional plans for seven different objectives, from diets to lose weight until diets specialized for elderly or focused to meet the needs nutrition of pregnant women. -Personal dietitian online for the resolution of doubts, support to the patient and advice to special situations.

-Follow-up of the evolution of weight through graphs and ideal weight measurement. As professionals in nutrition and Dietetics and with a much more comprehensive, approach aimed at health as a first instance, the system has managed to adapt to any age group nutritional needs regardless of their pathological or physiological situation. In this way, you get diet 100% customizable always adapted to tastes, objectives and needs of the patient. The objective of the project is to ensure good feeding of the Spanish population regardless of the lack of time or physical disability of any kind which prevent go shopping or cooking. Being the Mediterranean diet a good culture that he has preserved over thousands of years for its excellent properties for health, welcome all efforts are focused to retrieve it as the basis of our power.