Astrology gives birth to parents in their difficult task of raising your little since coming into the world How many times have we heard that not studying to be a father? Although there is no training for it, we can count on the "user manual" of the soul that have brought this world. That is, a newborn Supernatal Letter to understand it from the cradle: character, way of life and love, his will. Thanks to the vast amount of data it provides, as parents can support to reach their greatest potential as human beings. For example, if an Indian or Crystal child, encourage her to be happy, creative and spontaneous, we provide socialization and understanding of the world. How to educate your little one, according to their astrological sign? Supernatal The Charter describes in detail the personality your baby, for optimal living. It addresses the missing elements in his character.

how to compensate, their eating habits and sleep, how alert, physical and psychological health, autonomy, the role of play, relationships, behavior and achievement in school, to the stage of puberty at the age of a young adult. Each item helpful advice. Includes compatibility with each parent and brother, how they interact, what the pros and in which there can be friction, collisions. Includes the possibility of a karmic debt with a parent or sibling. This study describes and advises how to strengthen and emphasize the beneficial points (luckily, dharma or nature) of the small and warns about potential errors or problems that your child might encounter during their development. The stars, witnessing the birth of your child light up his life and will equip certain qualities to conquer their dreams and mark the path that will tread.