You get the feeling that they have passed into the background, when we all know that bioenergy is produced by burning biomass – organic matter such as wood or plants, wind energy using wind turbines to generate electricity, the hydroelectric plant that takes advantage of the water power, the developed solar through solar panels – that are made of photovoltaic cells, hydrogen still in the water as an inexhaustible source of energy, geothermal energy that we take heat emanated from the center of the Earth, and, finally, the Ocean on the one hand leveraging thermal energy produced by sunlight and other heat producing mechanical energy from the waves and tides. We have learned from all these advances to develop a better welfare for our lives, but we have not learned to respect and to educate children, and people in general. Are not very clever, of course! we can and we must deduct any conclusion: the human condition of the japoneses-su behavior-has been chaired by samples of civility, order, fortitude, strength, solidarity and patience. Everyone must know that, and listening to the voice of our heart, that nuclear power plants produce about 25% of the world’s energy: these are extremely dangerous, but we have to learn to live with them. We have the oil, gas, other energy sources, but nuclear power – of which I am not supporter-, is needed today: they have to use extreme measures of security to the maximum with respect to them, but, ultimately, we must learn to live with some risk. More this energy always destroys the nature and human beings who live in it. In any case, there has been an immense tragedy: we completely agree. Perhaps one/a of the larger accidents (tragedies), one/a of the larger accidents (tragedies) within a nuclear power plant, which has been already in the history of mankind: this is the pure and hard reality, here and now.