The length of Donuzlav about 30 miles, the coastline is indented with numerous bay inlets and spits. South Beach over the rocky and steep than the north. Bottom near the shoreline mainly stony and muddy, the muddy depths of the thickness of the layer reaches ten meters. Width near the sea up to 9 kilometers, as we move deeper into the Gulf of Crimea, he gradually narrowed. Maximum depth – 27 meters.

Such characteristics make Donuzlav very similar to a river. Some scientists actually believe his successor of the ancient river. From Sea bay partially separated two braids: the north and south, between which there is a channel connecting Donuzlav the Black Sea. o. In the upper reaches of the Gulf water is less salty than the entrance to the sea – this affects the presence in the north-eastern Gulf of numerous springs. Here, in the form Peresyp passes Ablemitsky bridge, which paved trail Evpatoria – Black. This is where the ends of the salty Donuzlav. On the other side of the bridge are freshwater lakes, which are bred carp, silver carp and other fish species. Width Ablemitskogo bridge is small – about 15 meters.

That turns a contrast: on one side of the bridge is the sea-world with all its inhabitants, and on the other – fresh-water realm, inhabited a very different fauna. With properties. Donuzlav is a region of frequent winds, which is why there has been decided to build a wind farm. On the south side Donuzlav are two urban settlements: Peace – near the compound also based Ukrainian Navy ships, but not on the scale than when the Soviet Union.