(6) Opt for food without sugar: sugar is another cause of inflammation is recommended to moderate their intake. (7) Decrease your sodium intake: must take care of foods with high sodium content that consume them in abundance against our goal of owning a flat abdomen. Precisely for this reason, we must look at labels detailing the nutritional value so that we do not overcome the daily maximum intake of sodium of 2300 mg in the case of a healthy adult. (8) Eating beans and those vegetables that produce gases with care: when we are not accustomed to their consumption it is possible that produce us gases, the same happens with the vegetables, Brucella sprouts, broccoli and cauliflower. Although reading this we may have the idea of eliminating them completely in our diet, it would be a mistake since they are very nutritious. Ideally, eat them sparingly so the body can get used to them and we can decrease the production of irritating gases. (9) To eat every 3-4 hours: the advantage that brings this habit is that we avoid attacks of hunger, only calm through heavy meals that lead to abdominal bloating, feeling of heaviness and general malaise. To perform this division we should contemplate the number of calories that they do not exceed our needs.

(10) Eliminate retained liquid: in some cases abdominal inflammation is caused by fluid retention. It is very common that the Agency retain liquid for later use when intake of water or other beverages is inadequate for the needs of the same. To prevent this it is recommended to drink more water during the day gradually until you reach at least two litres of water, ideally a litre per 25 kg of weight. Well, now you know important keys to keep your flat abdomen, however, will get to know the final secrets to achieve slimming tummy as well as your whole body from this very moment doing CLICK here.