For the daily newspapers of HAZ and NP Vinexus Germany GmbH, Langgons, a cooperation with the Madsack supplement GmbH & co. KG has wine shops. The company from Hanover operates among other things numerous shops for the daily newspapers of the nationally Madsack publishing group. Learn more at: Sirius. Since April 15, 2009, the wine importer and merchant wholesaler of Vinexus on behalf of Madsack operates supplement online wine shops for the two titles of newspaper Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung (HAZ) and new press (NP). “In addition to a comprehensive 250 wines, international range of selected wines special promotional packages with 6 wines are presented the HAZ – or NP readers in two wine shops at regular intervals, of the two local experts Rainer Wagner, HAZ culture editor and wine expert, Oliver Ahlborn, owner of the restaurant Diva” in Hannover and NP wine expert, will be collected in cooperation with Vinexus. The respective action packages are not only in the wine shops themselves, but also in the newspapers presented and described. Together, the two newspapers from the Lower Saxony State capital reach a sold circulation of about 200,000 copies daily.