Diets aimed at burning fat has never been an easy task – they require a significant reduction in daily. Dieting without exercise – even worse, it invariably leads to failure for several reasons. Most people with this diet lost the same amount of fat and muscle, however, the loss of lean body mass entails slowing metabolic rate (metabolism). A slower metabolism means that, to continue burning fat you need to cut calories even more. A vicious circle Numerous studies show that about 97% of people who have achieved weight loss through a rigid diet, then return it, and even with the addition.

Several years ago a famous American tv host Oprah Winfrey proudly showed America his new, more slender figure, wearing jeans, for many years raised dust in the closet. She had lost 30kg of weight in a matter of months. K Unfortunately, this was not the only fat that turned out very quickly. Soon, she not only regained its former weight, but gained a little more. Oprah's case – is a classic example of a step-diets: fast weight loss with no less quick to return. Such a diet results in significant loss of lean muscle mass, which, as you already know, is fraught with considerable danger – the decline in metabolic rate at rest. During the weight reduction you will need a permanent reduction in caloric intake to support this process, which is very difficult for a large number of citizens. Oprah error was too small number of calories and lack of exercise.