Researching different tricks stubbing, I found on several web sites suggestions saying that oat bran is highly recommended when you diet. This I found because, actually, I wanted to find out how to use bran wheat (bran) in my recipes, because I have virtually always suffered from constipation and I know that it is not healthy nor much less good if I want to lose weight. So researching wheat bran I learned it of the oat bran, one of the foods banned on the Dukan diet. Then what is the utility of oat bran? Be OK eating rolled oats instead of bran? oat bran and wheat bran have the same properties? The saved are fiber component main of the bran is fiber, one of the important nutrientesmas for a healthy and balanced diet. In principle, we may include quantities important fiber in the diet through the consumption of fruits, vegetables and legumes. The whole grains or integrals (such as rice, spelt, and the quinoa) and the nuts (such as almonds, walnuts and hazelnuts) also have significant amounts of fiber. However, when we use bran wheat and oats as a dietary supplement are ensuring a daily intake in fibers sufficiently high.

You have the same effect consume than wheat bran oat bran? Lol The difference between oat bran and wheat bran is that the latter contains insoluble plant fiber, oat bran contains mainly soluble plant fiber. The insoluble fiber in wheat bran facilitates intestinal transit, since it has the ability to retain water. This brings as a result which will dissolve the stool and increases its volume. In addition, Bran acts as an Exfoliating agent, cleaning the digestive tract and improve the absorption of nutrients. For its part, soluble fiber as the oat bran is not digested like insoluble fiber, but additionally traps sugars and cholesterol and prevents these are absorbed by our body. Thus, thanks to the properties of the Bran Oat and wheat bran, if we consume them moderately you can avoid constipation and help with the weight loss, all thanks to better digestion and decreased absorption of sugar and fats. How much bran must consume? Recommended total fiber consumption should not exceed 30 g daily. Assuming a contribution of very poor fiber from vegetables and cereals integrals, these 30 grams would be obtained from three tablespoons in total: two one of wheat bran and oat bran.

He is recommended to enter this amount of saved progressively, as it may cause cramping and other digestive discomforts. On the web can consiguir several dietary recipes in which OAT and wheat bran as ingredients, used in total or partial replacement of wheat flour. The recipe to prepare tortilla dukan is one of the best-known.