Regular consumption of biologically active food supplement Safe-to-see contributes to the maintenance of visual acuity, reducing eyestrain, and reduce the risk of eye diseases. The central component of Safe-to-see Steel polyunsaturated fatty acids, essential for healthy eyes. For the first time using a combination of Omega-3 a high concentration in the capsule of fish gelatin. Safe-to-see in the body compensates for a lack of important substances: Omega-3, vitamins B2 and E, beta carotene, bilberry extract, lutein, selenium and zinc. The unique formula of the product developed by experts Vision Group jointly with the leaders of the European nutraceuticals concern Arkopharma (France). Benefits of Safe-to-see: In each capsule laid all useful to view the components of the drug balanced formula designed to help protect the eyes from various ailments and inflammation, supporting the vision at the right level, even if hard work and fatigue Helps improve visual acuity and eye protection from harmful free radicals completely natural product containing no preservatives, colorings, flavorings, and as sugar, starch and wax is available in capsules of fish gelatine, which is itself a valuable substance, easily digested and does not cause allergies. Useful advice: Take a Safe-to-see in the morning, one capsule with a glass of water. Complete use of Safe-to-see range of special exercises for the eyes..