The appearance of the woman is genetically determined, and only 5% of them have a genetic determination to keep thin. It is not necessary to insist that the woman is continuously pending his appearance, to not feel unsatisfied. Over the years, women have spent large sums of money and a good part of his time in an effort to feel better about their bodies and appearance. Creams, diets, exercises, etc., promised miracles that never came to meet. Take a few and simple steps to lead a healthier life form can help patients feel better with your body.

Endermologie method includes treatments of mechanized therapeutic massage, a healthy and balanced diet, moderate exercise, and sufficient water intake. The Endermologie is a new non-invasive technique, therapeutic massage of machining subepidermico that will help you reduce your cellulite, tone up your skin and ultimately reshape your silhouette in a few weeks. A general well-being by his beneficial experiences during treatment relaxing effect and the improvement in the problem of heavy legs. The objective of the Endermologie is connective, it can be restructured through the action of winding, sucked and tissue unrolling of the fold of skin, thus activating the venous and lymphatic circulation, reducing the appearance of cellulite and improving the condition of the skin. More precisely the Endermologie does the following: increases the flexibility of the skin. It frees the venous and lymphatic flow. It stimulates the adipocytes for lipolysis.

Exfoliate the epidermis, making the skin softer. It stimulates the circulation in the dermis and hypodermis. Decreases muscle tension. It tones the skin by stimulating the fibroblasts, which produce more collagen and elastin. The Endermologie is a new technique of massage therapy subepidermico that mobilizes the subcutaneous fat, reduces the appearance of orange peel, and releases the fat that collects under the skin, eliminating by the organism in a natural way.