Bodybuilding – Sport, which every day claims more and more people acquire new fans, and fans. Competition in the world of bodybuilding is very high, most athletes are willing to give everything to get a couple of minutes of fame. Externally, the powerful and terrifying in its power muscles create the impression of a healthy organism, but in fact it is not always the case. No matter how paradoxical it may sound, a huge beautiful body does not mean that it is healthy. And in Why? Of course, in the steroids! This evil is simply filled all sports and bodybuilding in particular. None of the professional athlete can not imagine a farm without the support of training, otherwise he might miss his star hour and will take place on the podium, someone else will. Therefore, in this mad race of competition become more competition in the pharmaceutical industry, not the primacy of hard-core athletes. And this reality is scary because we all want to be the same, but in this situation things are not possible.

Through this whole situation bodybuilding lose their dignity in the eyes of the audience becomes less interesting. So that bodybuilding is on the definition of bad? Of course not! Just need a new approach! Most are not new, but instead return to the old original bodybuilding when nobody thought about any chemistry, it does not there. There was a gym and lunch in the form of a good piece of meat. That is the charm when there is only you and iron, and no outside help. Slaughter training – smashing dinner and life is good! Here's to it and is coming back! And the happy fact that many understand it and refuse admission of chemical agents. Organize a new federation with the most severe doping control, introduced a new policy with respect to the athletes and it is truly wonderful! Do you have a chance again to become a star bodybuilding without the use of various drugs. You'll have a great body and excellent health, as opposed to "chemistry." But health, not for what money can not buy, but bodybuilding gives you it for free, but attach little effort and take it. Remember – you're the best! Repeat this to yourself, until then, while every other passer-by will not repeat it after you! You're the best!