In our country, diaper About 10 years ago. It would seem that Mom can finally be protected from the hassle of endless laundry. But no matter how well – along with the advent of disposable diapers rumors about their dangers. What is not only accused odnopazovy diaper! But time will put everything in its place, responding to the emotions only bare facts and figures. Before you find out whether harmful or not diapers, let pazberemsya what it represents an modern diaper is a unique "3-layer cake": the first, the inner layer consists of a material that prevents moisture from baby's skin (a sort of "semiconductor" – Entrance Is open and closed-vyhod), second, the average – from the gel and pulp, concentrating mochu and feces, and the third, the outer acts as a seal, preventing leakage of moisture on the clothes crumbs. Average dry weight (or, more correctly, an empty one) diaper about 50 grams.

Perhaps ustoychivye and most common rumors go on a devastating effect on pampepsov genitals of boys. Say, in the "hothouse" atmosphere of testicular tissue are affected in the future is fraught with infertility. However, this bleak theory of "greenhouse effect" is absolutely not supported by actual data sheet. Meanwhile, studies have shown that the average temperature inside the diaper does not change in comparison with a gauze diaper! Poetomu all the talk about the future of infertility due to pampepsov untenable. Another accusation against the diaper is that, well, due to diaper a child later learns to potty. In tselom, it is not too far from the truth. Y child does not feel wet kotopy pants, fading corresponding reflex – it is no longer signal the need to empty. But this does not mean that the baby is losing control over their departures.

Just ask for a pot, he starts at one and two months later. Then we can during the day can teach a child to potty. A night to give him a better sleep peacefully: for the mechanism of addiction to pot in his sleep still does not hold, but a bad dream baby become a reality. Young mothers, after weighing all the "pros" and figured out what "no" almost does not exist, tend to use diapers. Than standing over a basin of diapers or sliders, of course, better to dedicate this time and all his strength baby. Do not miss his first smile, or even fuzzy, "ma-ma." You just have to keep pace with progress. And always bring up children was not easy. Well guess what now you understand that there are harmful diapers or not. Source: Medical Advice