Transparency in healthcare – that is now 15 years atacama I software. Bremen, 27.06.2013 – Bremen IT service providers and care specialist provides standard software solutions for health insurance companies, hospitals and elderly care institutions. Conceived and developed are 55 employees at the company headquarters in Bremen. Statutory health insurance and care the focus of 1998 the company was founded by Dr. Jurgen Deitmers and Rene Lenga.

The first software was atacama Orthodontics, a case management solution for the orthodontic treatment, the first customer country Aoks. Dr. Deitmers Federation we have established partner of AOK ourselves as quickly as the market leader in terms of the statutory health insurance (GKV)”, looks back. On this basis, the solution portfolio was gradually expanded and today covers the entire process chain for the dental services requiring approval of the restorations of the orthodontic and periodontal services to preserving and surgical services and services such as document and qualified Support case processing. Supplements we have the portfolio to modules for the electronic data carrier Exchange (DTA), the caregiver counseling and the nursing home care. Currently more than 60 funds from all sections of the statutory health insurance set up the solutions”, said Lenga. Five years after its founding in early 2003 atacama began their successful way in the market for software maintenance and care knowledge. Legal regulations for the financing of hospital create an increasing demand for IT solutions in nursing, this continued trend intensified still.

In cooperation with the Institute for interdisciplinary ageing and nursing research (iap) of the University of Bremen the knowledge-based care planning and documentation software arose at the time apenio. She is now both employed in acute care facilities as well as the long term care. Since 2011 is international apenio in use. In Austria and the Netherlands, we could lift large and pioneering hospital projects together with local partners.