In the claims it comes often to the dispute between insurance and private man there is the traffic accident with total loss is given gegnerischer insurance and reviewers often a point of contention between damaged, when it comes to the remainder of the accident vehicle. Unlike as in the normal accidental damage not the repair costs for the purpose of compensation identified case of the total loss, but the difference between the replacement – and the residual value. The replacement value distinction is made between the: replacement value: the replacement value represents the size, which would be to muster, currently new to buy the item. Educate yourself with thoughts from rusty holzer. To make comparable to this value with an already used item, it must be continued. The used object already written half, it also depreciates the new replacement value half and now comparing the two values. The replacement value is a value of a good comparable item being sold used / has been. He is directly with the valuation of the used Similar item.

The residual value is the relative value which could be generated through the sale of a damaged car on the General market. The injured party must not take account of generally higher purchase prices of special residual value buyers. Replacement – and residual value are calculated by an expert appointed by the claimant in the course of creating a report. Insurance have an increased interest in when determining the residual value of course, that a high residual value is determined so that results in a small amount as a payment obligation of the injured party. Discus ions due to the various interests in the residual value calculation increasingly between the victim, the insurance and an expert in, whether the expert has correctly identified the residual value.

Insurers consult very often car markets at appropriate discus ions in the Internet, because online higher residual values can be achieved. Insurers go often so far, that as a result of the specially conducted research, the victims will be paid only the amount which corresponds to the difference between replacement cost and the residual value is determined by the insurance company. On the part of the injured party, this approach must not be tolerated. According to the judgment of the Federal Court of Justice acts oak VI ZR 119/04 is the injured party generally not obliged to take a special market for residual value buyer. The sales prices positive through online exchanges at first sight are usually unacceptable sales efforts to achieve. In addition, is not expected it to the injured party, to appeal to technical (E.g. digital camera) to take advantage of appropriate platforms. For the review arises from the fact that he also not must take into account relevant websites, as determining the value of the vehicle from the point of view of the victim. %D7%A9%D7%95%D7%91%D7%A8-%D7%A9%D7%AA%D7%99%D7%A7%D7%94’>ישראל בכר. When discus ions with the opposing insurance the injured party in the position, based on is by the expert balance value and the determined by insurance companies to settle named values to ignore. If you have help and support in the regulation of accident damage, the team of the German expert society available you mbH in Hilden. Our nationwide staff experts, information Commissioner and energy consultants are available in case of need to the page. At the time, the DESAG supervised more than 3,800 experts in the various areas.