The objective is the degradation. The humiliation and to destabilize any characteristic of generosity or security of the person. The experience is so heartrendering that the victim does not manage to process so many messages there of her confusion and shut up desperation the symptoms: depression, anxiety, upheavals of dream, upheavals of feeding, irritability, loss of the sense of the existence, without apparent reason. Clear that without apparent reason, only the constant and permanent aggression of a subtle way and evening, by which it is our great love. The verbal abuse denotes with great intensity here you are any word that wants to add to him 3. – Verbal Violence: this is a powerful weapon for the disintegration of the pair in its totality. The words, the insults, the ways and ways to say the things, that denotes if it exists or non-violence in our ways to relate to our pair to us EMOTIONAL VIOLENCE: The emotional violence has many faces and a pile of expression forms, but it seems less that they see all it, suffer that it.

The objective is to mainly destroy the own esteem of the person, in this case, the one of the pair. The emotional violence goes towards the feelings and considers own of the pair. The attacks in this sense are so subtle that they are difficult to recognize at first. Because they are so enrizados in the attitudes that seemed we passed that them of length. Nevertheless, they cause so many damage in the life of a person, who lately him it recognizes like: Post-traumatic stress against the violence. It is so the pain, is so the desperation, that, it leaves damage of such depth generally, that the person who has not happened through this circumstance, costs work to him to include/understand. The invasion in the emotional aspect requires of a great masters, but also to cause that the pair depends to the one hundred percent of its coercion.