Holy Spirit, Spirit of Physical Body One Boga.My know that the actuator is emotional, sensual manifestations caused by biological processes regulated by the CNS. This can be viewed here:'' Psychological 'science' has a lot of his theories about this, but they do not provide the level of regulation endogeneza in a broad sense. There is an ancient concluded that anger inhibits the liver and dries up the bones. Lombroso studied the statistics famous people and made some interesting conclusions about the influence of some factors on the mental and psychic activity. 'Genius and Madness': The work of C. Lombroso writes about the physical similarity of men of genius with obsessed about the impact of various phenomena (atmospheric, heredity, etc.) on the genius and madness, gives examples, and numerous medical evidence of the presence of a number of writers of mental deviations, and describes the special features of brilliant people who suffered at the same time and madness.

These features include the following: "1. Some of these people found unnatural, too precocity of genius abilities. For example, the amp in 13 years has been a good mathematician, Pascal and in 10 years came up with the theory of acoustics, based on the sounds produced by the plates when they are arranged on the table. '2. Many of them highly abused drugs and alcohol.

Thus, Haller absorbed an enormous amount of opium, such as Rousseau – coffee. '3. Many people do not feel the need to work quietly in the seclusion of his office, and as though they could not sit in one place and had to constantly travel.