The remaining elements of the exhaust system when measurements were standardized. Measurements were performed at the same oxygen sensor. This increase power is maximum and was achieved by 4 transmission at a speed of 169.5 km / h at 5549 rpm. People involved in auto-tuning is the golden rule – "the best price / performance ratio – 1 thousand rubles per 1 l / sec. If This amount is less, well, if it is greater then the costs are not justified. I want to remind that the measurements were carried out in a car with a drain exhaust system. And what do we have? Rise 9.5 l / s! Spiderman 4-2-1 series "tuning" is 1500 rubles.

It turns out that for 1 l / spend 158 rubles. Great result! Should notice that the greatest effect can be achieved only by replacing all elements of the issue on the tuning, and therefore proceed to the next part of our review – the cavity. The resonator cavity is one of the types of silencers and are often called middle muffler as it is located in the middle of the exhaust system. Basic functions – absorption of sound waves and slowing the velocity of exhaust gases. Since the first moment after the opening of the exhaust valve combustion products are rushing into the exhaust pipe with a very high rate, exceeding the speed of sound, the resonator is not unimportant part in the graduation tract. Company Stinger Sports offers its resonators in two versions: with and without the flexi hose. Corrugation (vibrokompensator) absorbs the vibration of the engine, we need to reduce the mechanical vibrations of the system registration with sharp acceleration and peregazovkah. Consequently, preventing direct transmission of vibrations to other parts of the exhaust system that goes after it.

She also removes squeak when using the steel ring in the compound between the spider and the resonator. Exhaust system with flexi hose is more durable and slightly, but still expensive. All resonators Stinger outside covered with powder paint, filling basalt wool, and basalt fabric with a high heat resistance up to 1200 C, which eliminates the blowing wool. Muffler Switching part of our forward flow, it is certainly a silencer or as it is called in common – "the bank". Company Stinger Sports offers direct-flow silencers, under a full-time installation, for all vaz, without exception. There are a few modifications, the main difference is that nozzle. They come in different shapes and sizes, as the saying goes, "whatever you want." But all of them one thing in common – a noble, bass on bottoms sound. Muffler outside is covered with powder paint. Flow area of pipe with 51 mm perforations 3 mm. "Barrel" is made up of three chambers: two with the filling of natural basalt wool, and basalt fabric with a high heat resistance up to 1200 C, the third – the intermediate. Conclusion In conclusion I would like to give an example of the cost of feed-forward system for the Lada Priora. Full set will consist of a spider 4-2-1 Series "Tuning" of the cavity of ram and a sports muffler. Price spider 1500 rubles, the resonator 1300, the muffler is worth 2,100 rubles. Total cost of the complete set of 4900 rubles. Not too expensive and it turns out, and eventually an attractive appearance, great sound and power increase to over 10 horses. In the next article I will tell you how to add a few horses through completion of the intake system. And while you have time to get forward flow