He is of bigger relevance that people in the middle-age are prepared will deal with the related questions the sexuality, searching new forms of pleasure, for the performance of a sexual life better. This is one of the presented essential points in this article. The research was carried through in the city of Fair of Santana, having as study object sexuality in the middle-age. The work looked for to identify the difficulties to make sex in the middle-age. In this research some authors, thus getting, opinions varied on thematic the boarded one had been used diverse books involving. They had been used in the elaboration of this work, scientific articles magazines and electronic addresses. One is about a bibliographical, exploratrio, descriptive study, in a qualitative boarding, that had as objective to describe and to cite the contributions of the authors how much to the thematic one, was carried through initially a exploratria reading and selecting the opinions and, therefore searched some authors. For Minayo (1993, p.102): In qualitative research the amostral representation is not numerical, that is, an ideal sample is that capable one to reflect the totality in its mtiplas dimensions privileging, the social citizens that withhold the attributes that the investigator intends to know.

The first stage will have exploratrio matrix. A survey on the difficulties of the sexuality in the middle-age will be made that discourses on the considered subject. The second stage to conclude will be made a study bibliographical, through books of the area and articles on the subject, aiming at to work a scientific vision of the situation with inherent qualitative data. 2.? FACTORS THAT MAKE IT DIFFICULT the SEXUALITY IN the HALF AGE the sexual act are complex, intervine in it the social body, mind, feelings, preconceptions, models, etc. Can conserve the sexual capacity for all the life, if the health state allows thus it.