What is the result? Miracle diet is not only not helped, but only worsen your condition. What do then? First, if you decide to lose weight, you need not limit yourself, and teach to a balanced diet. This is the only option that leads to a healthy life and a normal figure. There are 8 principles healthy eating: – Enjoy the meal. – Try to vary your menu. – Watch your weight. – Eat more foods rich in starch and fiber. – Limit consumption of fatty foods.

– Do not get carried away sweet. – Get the food necessary amounts of vitamins and minerals. – Drink alcohol in moderation. To contain all the essential nutrients, the food should be varied. All Products can be divided into groups containing similar material.

Eating foods from each group in a specific ratio, you can balance your diet and turn it into a healthy. Second, one of the most important rules Food – fragmentation of meals. Ie eat more often but less. You ask why? The principle is simple: When the fractional-power we are protecting yourself and your body from eating and stretching the stomach. In a fractional-power, we allow our body must control insulin levels and, therefore, our carbohydrates are not converted into fat. – When the fractional power is increased metabolic rate (approximately 5-10%). This means that we quickly begin to spend derived calories. Thus, the absence of starvation and constant replenishment of the body is the principal law of health and nutrition.