The flowers themselves are very symbolic, so we will not focus on situations in which you give to them. And this is what we pay attention, because it is the color and shape of the bouquet. Roses textbook, and perhaps most a popular sign of attention that has ever been was a woman. But is he was from this 'less expressive'? Rose – a classic sense, and be sure: a gentleman, prepodnesshy it feels for you to truly chivalrous feelings. If long-stemmed roses and laid 'candle', you know – you want to impress (men somehow believe: the longer the rose, the better). If the flower is shaped like a ball, try a better look at the giver – this people reacted to the gift very carefully and is trying very hard to make your relationship developed well. And if a bouquet of mixed roses in different colors such as yellow and orange or red and white, man is not alien to the aesthetic sense – he can be trusted with even the choice of curtains. Lilies Lilies – is synonymous with ease throughout. In relationships, entertainment, in a conversation. Do not hesitate with the person giving you the lily, you will forget about all that can cause even the slightest shadow of disappointment on your face. On the other hand, impressionable natures of such a type of man may seem a little superficial, they can not 'prikipet' in principle. Well, lilies nothing to do with, Some cats actually walk on their own. Chamomile-and for what? -Just like that! Daisies – this is probably the most touching flowers in the world. Perhaps there is no such man, who as a boy, no tear in the evening on a bed lonely Daisies for her first love. Know – the giver a sense of chamomile as bright as their petals, and in his soul shines the same sun as the center of this brilliant flower. Irises do you know about the code of the samurai? Probably know that one of the distinctive qualities of the Japanese warrior's single – devotion. But what you do not know, it's that purple irises the only color allowed the samurai. Their laconic beauty speaks for itself. Best addition to the bouquet can be developed that the power bow, because the samurai passions are revealed mostly in combat, but not in love affairs. Try not to offend such a man – a little love and warmth, and he sparkled all shades of sensuality and attention. Next for the flowers