Prostitution is in the nocturnal houses, is in the best ones ‘ ‘ ambientes’ ‘. To preserve the green and the life goes very beyond the Botanical Garden. Care! The Ecosystem is losing space for the consolidation of the cowards systems that corrupt and that they devastate the society, in fact and of right, in the Latin American countries in sped up economic growth. The infrastructure was restored in ground technological rudimentary. It decelerates a, because the people already despertou, the birds continue to sing. The Queen arrived at the Palace for the red carpet. In this meantime, it fits to the Jurists to accomplish the adequacy between the legal system and the social necessities, what I call here of mediation, without classrooms C, D are justified mazelas of the social environment for the chance lack them and that, when falling in the claws of the industry of the assistencialismo, are deluded with the fast, easy and ready, promoted for ‘ ‘ wolves in skin of cordeiro’ ‘.

Of Germany de Bismarck to the samba of Carioca Z, the scenes are if transforming, walking and singing with Renato Teixeira. Salient that the Government Federal it has not made another thing seno to less create public politics for the favored classrooms. The Brazilian, saved deceit, never was so next to the chances as nowadays. The Program ‘ ‘ Famlia’ stock market; ‘ it benefited thousand of families since whom it was implanted. Brazil, our next attraction: more public politics because the roses run the risk to be clidas, and still have that to attempt against for the rocks in the way it way.

Below to the ambient destruction. Al my people, that comes the butterflies, the wild beasts to liven up to the Roses of the garden to exhale the inebriante perfume of the pureness, of the true feeling, that pra takes front, with claw and determination. That he is Brazilian and, that although everything, knows that Rio De Janeiro continues pretty, that the old clown will be always there, that is not a mechanized nation, robotizada, rank that is life. The professionals of the health save the lives. The angels of the night of Lya Luft are untiring, almost magical, fantastic. It makes its part, denounces! Thus we will only go to exterminar of a time with the wolves of the monasteries German of Bismarck.