There are many children who pass through the stage of not wanting to eat, only eat when they want or pretend to eat only certain foods. This usually bring head to her parents, who put into practice various strategies as attempting to distract them or reward them if they eat what is on the plate. The problem is that these techniques work at first, but then the child already knows where has to endure to get with it and seems to not work anything. What to do then? It is normal that children prefer some food sooner than others, like that happens to adults, and even to try negotiate eat them or not, what we must not admit are the perretas or the excessive stubbornness, not if we agree to and enter into his game, we can cause serious imbalances in your diet that can have serious consequences on a child growing. The trick is to not lose sight of our goal: that the child eat and eat more varied possible. To help you achieve this, tells you some tricks that always work: 1. If he tells you that something no one likes, as for example, vegetables, tell him it’s okay, but that today do not have you cooked nothing more and that you should wait the next day if you want another thing.

2. If you try to negotiate with him something like, if you eat two tablespoons, I give you the dessert or say to Grandpa that you it have eaten everything like a champ; It meets your promise. Remember that being consistent is the key to obtain results with children. If you keep your promises, they will commit now and in the future also. Children need to know that the fact A always produces the result B, especially when they are under 6 years of age up to which are excessively self-centered.