Ingested proteins and fibers, this increases your metabolism, consuming high fiber foods such as raw vegetables creates an effect called negative calorie effect consisting in the fact that to treat the body of consuming them burns more calories than WINS, is literally lost weight eating. Ingested at least 5 meals in smaller portions, the body must burn more calories digesting them, must of course be composed of fibers and proteins to achieve that effect, body decreases your metabolism to conserve energy if there is long time between each meal. It takes green tea, it has been proved that it is a very good accelerator of metabolism, besides being oxidising fats. A good practice is to take it before bedtime and after getting up. Low your consumption of alcohol, with alcohol the fat accumulates in the liver instead of navigating to the body to be used as energy.

Sleeping 8 hours a day, with fatigue the body won’t have enough energy to fulfill their functions, even the burn calories efficiently. Drink coffee, caffeine speeds up and stimulates the metabolism, but without exaggerating, limit of 2 or 3 cups per day. Important note: There are those who advise people who want to lose weight being cold to speed up metabolism and burn more calories, but this can be a double edged tool, since if this practice is used in excess, the agency used and instead of burning fat which makes accumulate it, as mammals doto counteract the cold is is subjected to that in order to adapt to this new circumstance. Another thing, all the excesses are bad, if you’re going to put into practice some of these tips, do it in moderation.