Proverb "Bread head of everything" is known to everyone. People thousands of years take their food to bread and is therefore not surprising that after a time in every nation got its own national bread, which is done by specific recipe. In our time, has become popular bread that is sliced into pieces. But not everyone refuses to on his desk was a fresh-baked bread or a loaf, from which came to a fragrant aroma, causes appetite. Now at home you can prepare yourself freshly baked bread flavored with bread. Rye bread, wheat bread, bread from a variety of grains, and fragrant cinnamon rolls or chocolate, all it became available in the preparation of home-MAKERS. For making bread or bakery products in the furnace, the key rule is that the true proportion of ingredients and conditions dough. Subject to all necessary rules, bread and buns work out rosy, fragrant and delicious. How to choose the right ingredients for making bread, you will prompt the culinary recipes.