In the vocabulary of speech about forty words chosen correctly, the words most frequently used in the construction of phrases, covering around 50% using them in everyday speech. So, 200 words – 80%, 400 – about 90%, and 1000 words – approximately 95% of the vocabulary, which required in everyday communication. This implies that helps us to understand pretty much on the number of learned words, and a qualitative vocabulary (chosen correctly). Calculated interest, of course, are not the result mathematical calculations. Rather, they make clear how many words you need to, engaging in dialogue, be confident and feel comfortable. When checking in practice, it turns out that if properly picked up 400-800 words carefully them memorized, you can easily feel comfortable with a simple dialogue, since they cover almost all 100% of the words, without which one can not do. We will understand what needed vocabulary when reading. If to choose and memorize 80 words that occur frequently, then you can understand about 50% of plain text: so 200 words – about 60%, 400 – 70%, 800 – 80%, 2000 – about 90%, and 800 words – almost 99% of the text.

For example, if you read the text which amounts to about 10 000 words (approx. 40 printed pages), then after learning in advance the 400 most essential words, you will understand from the text of roughly 7000 words, out of use 10 000. Need to be reminded that the figures given in the article – tentative. It all depends on various conditions: in some cases, knowledge of 50 words will cover about 50% of the text, while in other cases to get the same result, it is necessary to learn three times more words.