Beautiful big mouth has always been a symbol of sensuality! Full lips scream “Kiss Me” and the boys go crazy for them. Full lips are a sign of youth and health. Great, but not all were lucky to be born with those sexy lips full. Look at the “stars”, many of them flaunt their big mouth full, but believe me, not all are born with lips! So what to do? Well the most simple non-invasive and more accessible to get full lips is to purchase a pump products on the market pout. theBalm Tinted Gloss comes in several pure colors, each with a delicious flavor.

Give your lips a subtle overall appearance. Too Faced Lip Injection gives a remarkable difference in size of the lips almost instantly. It is not thick or goopy so you can apply a layer LipFusion – instanly swollen lips and lasts 12 hours so you do not have to keep re-allocation. DuWop Venom Flash – It is colorless but turns your lips a pink color on with a shine. It expands the lips very well. Another simple way to create the illusion of the labia is very easy to line the outer edge of lips with lipstick dumb to stay within the natural border of the lips apply a lipstick-colored. Dark colors make your lips appear smaller Use the wand of a pearly pink gloss – apply from the bottom of the lips upward to add more dimension Lastly dab a bit of gold lip gloss in the center of his lower lip .

Then, the procedures, of course, are more aggressive and more costly one. Your dentist can bond thick veneers on the front six teeth. This pushes the upper lip for a fuller look. Are you sitting? because the process costs on average $ 1500.00 USD per tooth. Maybe that’s why the only ones I use are the “stars.” 2. Lip augmentation is done on an outpatient basis. Artecoll is a synthetic material that can be led to his lips. It is synthetic so there is a greater risk of having an allergic reaction, however, that lasts longer than collagen. Autologous injection of your own collagen, extracted from elsewhere in your body. No risk of allergic reaction. The results are temporary. The collagen extracted from cows and then injected into the lips. There is a risk of allergic reaction. The results are temporary, lasting 1-3 months. Dermalogen is collagen extracted from deceased human donors. It’s also called injectable Human Tissue Matrix. Also temporary. Sher Estate Jewelry International has been serving customers for over 20 years, providing fashion, jewelry, and wedding help. Please visit.