How do subliminal audios work? The audios contain subliminal sound frequencies with Alpha and Theta waves, which are those found in the more relaxed state of mind, and easier to assimilate the positive messages recorded on our various products. Our program generation patented Alpha and Theta waves of these frequencies to synchronize brain waves achieving a relaxed state similar to traditional meditation, positive affirmations adding that listen to your subconscious with repetition, integrated into their way of working. What positive messages are in the audio? The messages are not heard by the subconscious rather than in nature hundred percent positive. Psychologists and teachers of the mind agree that the subconscious does not distinguish denial so you have to always speak positively, saying what we want to achieve, contrary to custom we have to deny what is not desired. Many of the resistance to change or improve our life come from ideas our conscious mind, which directs and controls our daily activities during waking and subconscious is really looking in nature, the best for us.

So, speaking directly to the subconscious we are trained to help us achieve our goals. What do the messages? The messages are in plain language and direct your subconscious mind to receive them immediately. The sentences are short and always positive, and are these clearly at the present time, as does our inner mind. Some examples of subliminal messages are “I feel at peace,” “I have faith in the future” and “I now accept abundance in my life.” How do I help these audios? To reach out directly to the subconscious, subliminal audios you want to rush the process to obtain as health, wealth, or any changes. It is important to be open to receive suggestions so that they take effect more quickly.

The positive suggestions recorded in the programs will not work if You do not want. The willingness and readiness of your mind to achieve the goals you’ve raised is critical to success with these audios, which are ultimately positive suggestions, not orders. I can not hear the suggestions, how will I help? Your brain, and in particular your subconscious mind is always active, even if you know it. Think of the beating of your heart, breathing or blinking, are activities that control your brain without your intervention. The subconscious mind if you are listening but not subliminal suggestions you realize you’re doing. This is one of the functions of the mind, which is always attentive to the stimuli they receive, but not always notice it. Are they dangerous subliminal audios? Not at all. All statements you’ll find in our audios are of a positive nature and are designed to help you in your personal work and achievement of goals. No program can force you to make subliminal anything against your will or your ideas. The only precaution you must have when you listen to our programs is not to drive a car or activities that require your attention, since the nature relaxing Alpha and Theta waves will keep you in a tranquil state similar to meditation.