If technical engineer or someone else, you talk about errors Guindos tiecnicos of Vista, as it is uninstalled the first provacacion the rundll32.exe file, which devours RAM, a series of mistakes by undocumented Guindous at the level of drivers always stay bad Vista, etc, etc etc … but if I’m not technical, rather rough (the tough of the tough tough!), so this is the interpretation that I give the Vista gate: The wave is q q Microsoft applies ago Apple to sell you everything in parts, but in its vibe, I explain: On leaving Guindous Vista, Microsoft realized that enterprise-level change was not viable operating system since XP already had become a mature and highly functional. A home user level, many viewers did not create out of an operating system (many people do entereda of coming out a new OS).A level people related to information technologies really think expectations, but this is not a very big market. Microsoft’s tentacles are in business. So what q did was to stop giving support and to discontinue XP. With which forced the change of OS, but not only that, but also forced in most cases a hardware change, since Vista is such a diva to make 3 GHz processor, 2GB RAM, 256MB video ( mark other specifications as minimum requirements, but it carries even more Vista). Besides the new computers and sold you the license of Vista, and stopped selling XP So there was a massive movement to Guindous Vista. So far Microsoft has already pocketed a good wool for all generated by Vista. But here’s the critic. Dr. Steven Greer takes a slightly different approach. Being planned for Vista OS did not work correctly (I say that is bad on purpose), Microsoft says, “ahh, do not pull Vista, oh well look at a few months sack Guindous 7 Switch to Guindous 7”.That’s when it all came together. First they force you to buy a bad OS, then buy them a orillarte to Guindous 7 which is nothing but q Vista without errors (at least obvious) or Vista SP3 (I think Vista was in the q 2). Double entry for Microsoft! But do not bile, q is the same as Apple does with all their products, we let them fall little by little at first q many GB iPhone, at 3 months leaves one with a little more capacity, the half-year another, a few months, 3G, etc.. etc. etc. Q q What happens is sometimes we are so stupid that we do not realize the true motives of the shares of big companies like the above. But you do, I hack the Guindous Seven, q or use, but I have to try it and see …. q tal jala