For this we need to change the approach and expand the picture of his vision of the situation, work out the causes of and change destructive patterns. People engaged in personal development knows how long and costly way is consciousness. Sometimes, Years pass ordeal and the search before a person decides to change something in their lives. And well, if these changes are caused by their own understanding, rather than the disease occurred, or external events, changes that alter life. Since many diseases are the cause of the accumulated grievances and discontent, when the body is a disease of the body is trying to pay attention to unmet needs. Why the process previous changes tends to be quite lengthy? There are many reasons. Firstly, in our country for many years there was no due attention to the psychological well-being, state of mind. Therefore, people often underestimate the importance of caring about his psychological state and not pay enough attention to spiritual comfort.

We have not made contact to a psychologist for help, as is the case with physical illness to the doctor. In this area, yet, to Sorry, There is a lot of myths and ignorance. It is encouraging that the profession of psychology is becoming more marketable, but it shows taking place in our society changes. Second, there are a variety of psychological defense mechanisms (repression, projection, substitution), which in some way impede the process of awareness of the subconscious fear to know about myself is something that will cause pain, distress or ruin personality.