Someone has accused me of posting too many pasta recipes lately, so there goes one of rice to vary a poquillo!Actually I have not used rice, but barley, a cereal that is increasingly in vogue in Italian cuisine and which can be found already very easily in any supermarket in Italy. In Spain I think it is a little harder to find, but surely that in organic food stores will have it.It is a cereal quite similar to rice in its appearance, with the difference that takes considerably longer to Cook (typically around 30-40 minutes). There is who leaves to soak a few hours before cooking. I have not ever done it, but you can to help you make faster.The rest of the ingredients of this risotto or orzotto, are seasonal vegetables, that really should be replaced with thousand other vegetables (the variety of risottos is practically infinite). Ingredients:-barley pearls (or failing rice) (two handfuls to each person) – broth, vegetables and herbs (Rosemary, thyme, Sage) (can also be meat broth if you prefer) – leeks – milk – Parmesan cheese – salt – olive oil – wine white how prepares: primarily prepares the vegetable broth: an onion, a carrot, a turnip and some sprigs of herbs are put into a saucepan. Add a handful of salt and water and boil to simmer around half an hour. While the broth is cooked, we will clean the leeks and cut them into pieces of a cm of thickness.In a Nonstick Skillet put a thread of oil (and if you like, also add a piece of butter) and when hot add the leeks and sauteed them for 10 minutes over medium heat.

When the leeks are doratitos and soft, add the barley (or rice) and her toast over medium-high heat 5 minutes.When well crackly, add a glass of white wine and let it evaporate, occasionally mixing with a wooden spoon.When the wine has evaporated completely, we began to add the broth. Barley must be completely closed and we have to go every 3-4 minutes stirring with the spoon.To the broth evaporates, will adding more broth (there’s always that add very warm, so you do not cut the cooking) and thus for 25-30 minutes. Then add a little (better if it is of the whole) milk, stir and leave to evaporate. Milk makes out the risotto more creamy and linked.To find out if barley or rice are made, the secret is. try them! Once you have made, if you spare us some broth or milk, climbed the fire to the maximum so they evaporate quickly.Finally we add a little Parmesan grated on top and eat!