Salads – it's an art. Important to them, respect the proportions of foods and spices, their combination, the order of mixing and processing. Cooking know a lot of salads, and every taste, beautiful, nourishing in its own way. Salads and vinaigrettes made from raw, boiled, pickled, marinated vegetables, as well as with the addition of fresh fruit. Almost no salad is complete without parsley, dill.

The combination of vegetables in the salad may be the most diverse. Basis of beet salad. Vinaigrettes made from boiled beets, boiled potatoes, pickles, patissons or sauerkraut, boiled carrots, add the canned peas, green or onions. In preparing salads in particular must show imagination and taste of each owner. Spring and summer, rich greens and vegetables.

They should be in abundance in our menu. Salad greens and vegetables served at the snack and as a side dish to main courses. Salads of raw vegetables and herbs increase appetite, eg cucumber salad, and improve digestion. For salads, boiled vegetables is better in the skin. Refrigerate cooked vegetables in their skins. Cleaned and sliced already cooled vegetables, otherwise they will lose their affectation when mixed. Do not rush immediately mixed diced vegetables and fold the dish on the individual slides all the ingredients of salad and just before the serving, combine, season and formed.