Where in Moscow can be expensive to buy glasses at a drugstore in Moscow lowest prices, and just as inexpensive to maintain their health in the salons of the Chinese (Thai) massage and fitness clubs in Moscow? Answers can be found in the reviews on this site 'The minimum prices of Moscow', which compares prices, the overall impression of the range, quality products, quality service. In Moscow pharmacies to compare prices of medicines. In the review were the following pharmacies: 'Pharmacy 36.6' Internet pharmacy 'ANVISA-Pharma', 'Samson-Pharma', 'Doctor century', 'The old doctor. " A study in the first place, no doubt, was a network of pharmacies 'Samson-Pharma'. Also, low prices, but higher than in 'Samson-Pharma' in Internet pharmacy 'ANVISA-Pharma'. In other pharmacies prices are much higher. In a review of optical stores in Moscow described the following opticians 'Optics 8', 'Optik City', 'Lensmaster', 'opticians', 'discount-Optics'.

After the visit it became clear that the richest selection and low prices in the cabin 'Optics 8'. Also interesting fair 'Optic City', where you can buy glasses of famous foreign brands at low prices. If you prefer to score the best marks in this Salon has a meaning look. In the other opticians, prices are higher than in the first two, and the range will be poorer. And to maintain their health to undergo the procedure will not prevent the Chinese acupressure. The review massage parlors in Moscow compare price and quality of Chinese massage procedures. That's salons that offer the service of Chinese (or Thai) massage: 'KIM TUC', 'TAN' massage at the fitness center 'L'OrangeGYM', a network of cosmetic salons 'Persona Cosmetik Express', SPA beauty salon 'Marlene', etc. The most high-quality and inexpensive procedure – 700r, was in the cabin of Chinese acupressure 'KIM TUC'.

In other stores the price is much higher, so that in fact 'KIM TUC' out of competition. And, at the end all, do not forget to visit the fitness center. In a review of 'fitness centers in Moscow' investigated following fitness clubs: 'Republika', 'Empire of Fitness', 'World Class', 'MaxiSport', 'FizKult', 'Swim & Gym', 'Zebra', 'Dr.Loder'. Fitness clubs 'fitness empire' – a rapidly developing network lowest prices in Moscow and with a wide range of simulators and services! In other fitness clubs and a large assortment, a variety of services, but prices are already higher than in the 'Empire Fitness. "