Modern medicine now, huge amounts of progress. But the human body and in our time is the unfathomable mystery of nature. Surely no one can not say what specifically is happening in the the body during work, sports or recreation. Continuously born unusual ailments, the scientists say about the things that have recently been impossible to imagine. One such state is considered to be vitamin deficiencies.

Synthetic products – development of new innovations in the field of nutrition. Does the product of all the required vitamins? And so it is generally useful vitamins for daily living? Vitamins are not a significant part of just being human, but also how it looks. Shiny hair, pink nails, elastic skin, white teeth – the main signs of a healthy person. With food in the body receives the bulk of vitamins. That's right, but not all of them are preserved after the preparation of food in sufficient quantity. For example, the process of boiling milk 'kills' not only undesirable microorganisms, but also important vitamins. 'Greenhouse' products are in composed of vitamins in much smaller numbers than their brethren in the beds. Vitamins, in addition to being lost during cooking, freezing, drying.

During the consultation the doctor can hear: 'You need to take vitamin E' or 'your body needs B vitamins. " Antioxidants unique substances that slow down the aging process and prevent the emergence of diseases. Vitamin E is the main one. Oxidation processes that occur both inside and outside the organism can cause illnesses such as stroke, heart attack, cancer, as well as the main cause of deterioration of the skin (inflammation, wrinkles). Antioxidants found in foods such as red grapes, blueberries, broccoli, carrots, citrus fruits, blueberries, spinach. In addition, antioxidants found in drinks such as cocoa, green and black teas. B vitamins have earned their common name due to the fact that natural products are always contained together. Their most important advantage is to provide the necessary human energy. It is in this context, they just need a modern man, constantly subjected to stress, great physical and mental stress, and, unfortunately, various diseases. Today, to allow a person to remedy the lack of necessary substances produced a variety of vitamins, familiar foods enriched macro – and micro-elements. Steel made special vitamins for children, students and pupils, for men, for nursing, pregnant. Why is it useful to these same macro-and micronutrients? This chemical components that are routinely required by the body to health. Trace elements contained in the human body in an amount not greater than 0, 001%, macronutrients – more than 0 001%. Only our body can not consume all he needed vitamins and macro-and micronutrients, even when fully balanced diet. The reasons for this and negative environmental conditions, poor quality food and water, and geological features of the different regions of the earth. As anyone Another disadvantage of nutrients harmful to children. That is why many parents are buying all kinds of vitamins for the baby. We must also remember that when you receive the funds may be as beneficial interaction among different components, both positive and negative. In this regard, the choice of vitamin and mineral complex for you and your children need to trust entirely qualified physician.