Needle valve – used as a flow regulator steam, water, gases, liquids. Installed on the pipelines, process equipment, analytical devices, reactors, air-conditioning system vehicles. The main part of the valve is a plunger – the bolt, which control the flow control working environment. During operation of the valve needle can be changed from fully open to partially open and closed. Shut-off device is not, controlled by the flywheel manually.

Depending on the purpose needle valves vary in design. Some technical equipment requires smooth flow control, reliable fixation of intermediate positions. In this case, the needle valve shut-off and regulating, with valve in the form of a cone. Needle valves are used rosseliruyuschie as managed regulatory and throttling elements and are mounted on supporting water and steam pipes. On the lines of injection of cooling water using valves regulating needle. By direction of the flow valves are divided: Globe – leaving the body and the inlet stream of the working environment is one direction. Corner – the direction of flow of the working environment at the exit from the housing perpendicular to the direction of flow at the entrance.

In the production of needle valve body for a couple applying stamped blank of heat-resistant steel, water use carbon steel, stainless steel – in the manufacture of valves for corrosive environment temperatures of up to three hundred degrees. The design of the valve needle is simple, the replacement of worn sealing parts, he effortlessly and quickly assembled. Has wide application because of its reliability and increased tightness in the overlap of working medium flow. You can install them in any position. Disadvantages: Not used by streams of high-viscosity environment, polluted streams of the working environment. Has strong hydraulic resistance. Wednesday served in the same direction. Certain size building. The service life of the valve needle 10, can repair. Suppliers and manufacturers of these products must have all the necessary documentation. Sale and delivery of the valve needle in the Tyumen region performs' Center for complete 'Promarmatura'. Ask for information in the sales department of the company (343) 217-96-09, 217-96-10, 217-96-06, 217-96-08, 217-96-07, (343) 345-38-96, 345 -38-97 (Multichannel) or directly on the site.