And this experience more important than experience achievements. Do riders there is a rule of thumb for beginners, if you fell off his horse, immediately sit down again, or be afraid of life. Also applies to people seeking to achieve its goal. It is important not cease to act and be determined to succeed. At that time, as inaction is in our experience, in our emotional experience as a failure, the activity is perceived as an opportunity to succeed. It is important behave as if you've already reached the goal. A Chinese proverb states: before becoming rich, it is necessary to feel rich. Every time mentally imagine how you would act if the objective was achieved, and Use it as a guide to action.

In order not to lose sight of their goal is important to use the following method: write myself notes and place them so that they often get in your eyes. In the notes for each day should be write that the goal to which you aspire, and a simple action that you take a day for this desirable goal. Write down goals. Reread them. Pronounce them. View them. And you will see that they are implemented in your life. Implementation of our goals is always connected with other people.

Our ability to trust largely determines how quickly we come to its end. I wish with all my heart, to achieve this goal, all the enemies out of spite, visible and invisible. If you are tired, sit down, relax, listen to yourself. If you fall, get up, shake off, straighten your back and move on. If you surrender, you have already buried their dreams in its very conception, and leaving no possibility of her to be born, come into this world, and themselves deprived of happiness, having all these difficulties, and inevitable in our path of frustration and mistakes, proudly raise their hands to the sky and scream, look, I did it. Think about it, because, after all, who, if you do not, you will create your life the same? And what it is, it's up to you.