The poppy is a beautiful wild flower, which is well known around the world, since it can be found in many parts of the planet, because despite being originally from Europe,? Africa and Asia, had no problems to attach to America, so you can be located in different parts of the world. The poppy is the scientific name of Papaver rhoeas, also is often commonly called by other names such as abadol or poppies. In the Papaveraceae family. The image of poppy, lets see a flower erect, with a long stem and green, it has few ramifications and with fine bristles, accompanied by simple leaves at the base, as well as elongated and lobed, also the leaves are born alternate along the stem, the leaves have petioles, are pinnate and toothed. Poppy can be overcome easily the 50 centimeters, having samples that can reach over 90 centimeters. Beautiful poppy flowers boast an intense Scarlet colour, formed by 4 very fine petals, along with 2 hairy sepals. The flower has a Bell image and almost spherical, which is accompanied by a few black stamens which form a round cluster by the gynoecium, which gets a picture of a black Center, achieving a perfect combination between a scarlet red exterior and a dark Center. Poppy bloom arrives with the final days of spring, but its duration will not be around this period since poppy petals falling very easily, also flourishes the first days of summer.

This plant’s annual longevity, has solitary flowers and its four petals are wrinkled in flower buds. The fruit that offers the poppy is a type of capsule of pale green, which presents a conical shape, this fruit has a kind of lid in your party top, so inside I could locate some seeds that escape through some cracks present in the top cap, also known as the operculum. Poppy has been very involved in agriculture since long time ago, since their life cycle It is presented similarly to cereals, which blooms grana before the arrival of the collection of crops. Poppy can be applied to extract the seeds for later use as condiments mainly in breads. While its leaves can be somewhat toxic to some animals, green and fresh parts can be used as vegetables, besides its petals are used for the production of syrups and certain types of non-alcoholic drinks. To the poppy on occasions has been applied as a therapeutic means making use of its petals, SAP and seeds, since these components have an alkaloid, which has a slightly sedative effect on the nervous system, in addition to reduce cough and as an expectorant. For this type of application is used as an infusion.