The continent, whose territory is cut by the line of the equator and the two tropics, predominates the hot climates, that are classified in: tropical climate, equatorial, Mediterranean and barren. 4,1 EQUATORIAL CLIMATE This climatic type occurs in the central part, with average temperatures above of 25C. Rains abundant and are well distributed during the year. Its vegetation is characteristic of regions of hot climate and humid, they are the pluvial forests that, in the zone of the equator are called equatorial forests. In central Africa, the forest of the Congo represents well this type of vegetal formation.

4,2 TROPICAL CLIMATE average Temperatures between 18C and 25C, presents two well definite stations: rainy summer and dry winter. They occur in the interior of the continent, the coasts and plateaus; varying between tropical humid, half-humid and of altitude. The typical vegetation of the humid tropical climate is tropical, similar the forests to equatorial, however the less rich ones and formed by trees of lesser transport. In the areas where the climate is tropical the half-humid one, the vegetation is formed by fields, with shrubs and trees esparsas. They are savannahs, that cover great extensions, serving of habitat the animals of great transport, as elephants, gnus, giraffes and lions. 4,3 MEDITERRANEAN CLIMATE In the extremity north of Africa, the climate is of the Mediterranean type, with two well defined stations: it dries in the rainy summer and in the winter. This climate dominates the region basically known as Magreb (Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia), where they are cultivated oliveiras, grapevines, fruits, cereals and hortalias. 4,4 BARREN CLIMATE In the African barren regions, due to lack of humidity of air, the days are very hot and the cold nights.